Wednesday, June 7, 2017

DIY Wood Stars

DIY wood stars from scrap wood.

diy wood stars

Make your own wood stars wall decor just in time for the holiday season, I'll show you how down below.

pottery barn milled log stars

First let's start with the inspiration.  I know you saw these milled log stars over at Pottery Barn and you love them too!  But you don't want to pay $129 for the pair?

diy wood open stars

Don't worry you can make your own wood stars for about $4 each.  Really.

wood stars from scrap wood

But before you can build these stars you need the plan, specifically those angles, in order to get the perfect star shape.

steep angle on wood stars

Thankfully my fellow blogger Jamison at Rogue Engineer is handy not only with building projects but also with the technical side of things and he has the plans, including all the angled cuts you need to make a perfect 5 pointed star.

diy wood 5 pointed star

In addition to Jamison's plans you will probably need a wedge jig.  Check my post here on how to build a wedge jig for a miter saw.

how to build a wedge jig

How to build wood stars:

I used less than one 1x3x8 pine board for each star.  You could definitely use a 1x2 or 1x4 if you're adventurous!

wedge jig in miter saw

Step 1: Set up the wedge jig and make steep angle cut.

cut star sides

Step 2: Set the miter for the second angle, flip the wood, measure and cut.

star pieces dry fit

Step 3: Repeat the process 5 times for each length.  Do a dry fit to test for accuracy.

staple angles together

Step 4: To connect pieces take one short and one long piece together at the 36 degree angle.  Glue and staple (see 2 pieces on right above).  The staples allow you some maneuvering.  Flip the connected pieces over and use a finish nail on the visible side (see 3 pieces on right above). 

staples on back

Step 5: Layout all pieces good side down, glue and staple remaining joins.

finish nail points

Step 6: Flip star over to good side up, use 3/4" finish nails to secure pieces.

diy wood star complete

stain the wood star

Step 7: Stain as desired.

diy wood stars on wall

Hang and enjoy!  I hung these stars from one single nail and they haven't moved.  Can't wait to dress them up for the holidays! 

Rogue Engineer has tons of other great plans you must take a look.

rogue engineer playroom storage bins

Playroom storage bins - yes please.

rogue engineer changing table


  1. These stars are fantastic and can go from season to season, love!

  2. so cute!! I adore these! Pinned :)

  3. Jaime,

    I came over here to tell you that you made me laugh out loud this morning with your comment and then I saw those STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, please let me feature them on Thistlekeeping! Just one pic and I will link back to you. :)


  4. So inspiring! I was looking for a Christmas project, and had just about decided to make routed trivets when I came upon your stars. Brilliant! (Couldn't resist the pun).

    Anyway, with a bit if creative measuring, yesterday I made two nesting stars out if 1x2 oak. They'll work well as trivets as we'll as being attractive on the kitchen wall. Thanks for the detailed instructions!

  5. I've read this over and over it say's staple a long and a short but I don't see any measurements.

  6. What is the measurements for your wood?

  7. Great idea and great stpe by step instructions. We'd like to share this over at ours for our upcoming Christmas decorations post and I'll get a link to you when it's live...Thanks Jamie

  8. Here you go, hope you like it.

    Happy Holidays